Friday, October 27, 2006

She is my sister...

Disco dance....the new Spartans goal celebration?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Spartans Fighting Spirit

If there was any doubt about the fighting spirit and character at Spartans Football Club, this is what it looks like!

Can anyone beat that?

Also note the Keeper carrying a bottle of Vodka.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Possible Pro Evo Tournament

Afternoon gentlemen,

Firstly let me say well done to all those that were involved with the London Cup game on Sunday. My apologys for not being on the sideline but getting up at 8.30 on a Sunday is as funny as West Hams form this season!! Keep the update going on the forum I'm enjoying the game so far!! (shock me Neo got booked early!)

Moving on now. Due to me being out for the season because of that vicious challenge I was on the end of Leon has arsked me to take more of an active role in the forum and events this season until i'm scoring corners again (Ellis take note).

The idea of a Pro Evo tournament was thrown around a lot last season but never done and (if i remember rightly) there was one the season before. We all think we're the best so we may as well play again to see who really is!!!

My idea is (and i want feedback/assistance from you lot) everybody that enters pays a tenner(too much or is that ok??). all players choose their CLUB team (much fairer that way) then everybodys names go into a hat and the draw is made. five minute games that will go straight to penalties in the event of a draw. semi-finals and final are all 10 minute games with extra-time and penalties. winner of the comp gets a certain amount of the money the rest goes to the club or our sponsors (Leon you can decide that!)

I can provide a PS2 and the game (it'll be played on pro evo5 by the way) and my copys got the majority of the summer signings as well so no excuses allowed....All I'm stumped on is a venue!any suggestions are more than welcome.

Chrissy Sav

Monday, October 23, 2006

Dees 6 v 6 Spartans (we lose 5-4 on penalties)

First, I would like to thank Cos for driving down with us and apologise to him for not getting to come on. Thanks Cos and I have to say the committment you show is amazing. I'm sure you'll play a very important part in the KOPA team for the rest of the season.

I would also like to thank Mike for not only getting us the bus but also for somehow getting us there and back in one piece!

This game will long live in the memory of everyone who was there. And for many reasons.

For the way the scoring went, to how the goals were scored, to the worst ref ever seen, to the character of our players and the way both sets of players united to try and overcome this obstacle, to the way Cos threw down the flag and refused to run the line after a disgusting penalty decision against us, to the way the managers worked so well together and to the spirit of satisfaction despite the defeat.

To write a report about the game would be a huge effort and I suggest we try and collaborate in the forum to get it done piece by piece. I think its important to let everyone know what exactly happened and also to keep it as a record for the club and looked back at in the future years.

Lets give it a go.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Squad for the London Cup

OK guys it was a very difficult decision and took longer than I thought.

My decision was based on the fact that we have entered this competition as a joint team in order to improve the spirit between the teams and to allow you to play with players you otherwise wouldn't have a chance to do.

I have therefore gone with splitting the 15 spots between the squads as evenly as possible, also keeping in mind we need to have a good balance position wise.

The Squad
  1. Nick
  2. Phil
  3. Glen
  4. Tom
  5. Ollie
  6. Peter Pav
  7. James K
  8. Neo
  9. Ringer
  10. Ellis
  11. Tesh
  12. Georgie
  13. Matt L
  14. Rob L
  15. Andy T
  16. Cos
Apologies to those who haven't made it this time. Push the guys who are in the squad to win and you'll have a chance to get a place in the next round.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Could any of you pull this off?

I've seen a few of you trying the crossbar challenge in the past, and a few of you have done it.

Lets see you have a go at doing this!

London Cup This Sunday

As we perpare for the London Cup game this Sunday, it's easy to forget that this is new ground for the club. This is the first time we have reached this round, thanks to a resolute performance in the first round by the Forest Team.

With the KOPA team now available for selection, there is a lot of competition for the starting 11. Its a tough job picking 11 out of 35 very good players, especially as the Forest team has continued to win every game in style, and the KOPA team have picked up form over their last two games.

The final decision will be made by me today (Wednesday 18th) with recommendations from both managers.

My committment is that I will pick the best 15 I can, but with 15 being an odd number, there will obviously have to be more from one squad than the other. Keep in mind that we're in this competition as a joint team in order to build the spirit between the squads, which I know is already very good. But I also want to win!

One thing is for sure, Nick is our only goalkeeper and will have his place on the bus.

So far we have an injury to Sam (our club top scorer who would have started) and both Luke and Silv are away.

Phil has a rib injury but should be OK.

Watch this space!

**Further injury news...Chris Savva is STILL out with various broken bones and I believe Matt T is also out. Oh and so is YETI. The injury list just keeps growing.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Possible New Spartans FC Website

Since the new website is taking its time coming along, since we all have time constraint issues, I thought this might be a good solution.

We can customise the template even further if we need to, I can assign authors to write reports and players can register to leave their comments directly after articles. We can also easily put links to league tables etc.

Let me know what you think and if there are any changes you think that should be made.

Leave me your comments!